Dynamic and reliable, the real estate sector has served as the backbone upholding Egypt’s economy despite the country’s political and economic setbacks. The value of real estate investments in Egypt has witnessed an increases since 2001/2002. The strength and importance of this sector in Egypt is attributed to various aspects. Firstly, it contributes to more than 90 industries related to construction. In fact, with the recent abundance of construction projects either already underway or still pending final agreements, the building and construction sector is expected to attract investment of around $7.5 billion in 2015 from both domestic and foreign investment, making it one of the country’s biggest revenue sources. It’s also driving the continued expansion of related industries, including metals, cement, furniture and power generation. Currently, the construction and development sector makes up 20% of national GDP, rendering it one of the sectors most responsible for the economy’s increasing metabolism.

Accordingly, Concord has been a competing partner in several real estate projects.