With 51.7 % of Concord projects of Infrastructure projects; Work Volume is More than 5.3 Billion USD.

Concord in Infrastructure

Our central focus lies in executing impactful projects for the community, with a strong emphasis on efficient management, accessibility, and optimization of water and wastewater resources.

Expert-optimized design solutions save time/cost through quality contract documents.


microtunneling projects—a cutting-edge approach to underground infrastructure development that combines precision, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.


Fascinating realm of water systems infrastructure—a vital network that ensures the availability, treatment, and distribution of water resources. Whether for homes, commercial establishments, industry, or irrigation, water systems play a pivotal role in our daily lives.

Work with concord

Building systems have a significant influence on facility functionality and efficiency, comprising a significant portion of the overall project capital cost with direct impact toward operational costs such as energy use, maintenance and lifecycle. Our building systems engineers and experts work to optimize system design and oversee M&E trades through procurement, installation and commissioning for maximum economic and operational efficiency.