Our extensive experience empowers us to successfully undertake large-scale, intricate transport projects, positioning us as industry leaders with work volume +2.8 Billion USD.

Maximizing construction efficiencies and reduces risk

We deliver the insight, expertise, and communication to ensure the project is clearly defined and executable by all parties involved. Before construction begins, we work with our clients on the overall analysis, strategy, and feasibility of the project in question. Involving a general contractor like Immel early on in the process helps guide clients through the project from a constructibility viewpoint.

Our team collaborates with engineers to identify systems and infrastructural details that need specific courses of action.


Concord EC specializes in creating vibrant tunneling projects—essential underground infrastructure that connects regions, overcomes geographical barriers, and ensures efficient transportation. Our expertise lies in precision excavation, tunnel design, and seamless integration with existing networks. From urban metro tunnels to subterranean roadways, we pave the way for progress and connectivity


Concord EC specializes in creating vibrant railway infrastructure—essential networks that connect regions, enable efficient transportation, and enhance connectivity. Our expertise spans tracks, bridges, tunnels, stations, and signaling systems.

Roads, Bridges, and Airports

Concord EC specializes in creating vibrant roads, bridges, and airports—essential components of our nation’s infrastructure.

  • Roads: We design and construct highways, urban roads, and expressways, ensuring efficient transportation.
  • Bridges: From iconic spans to vital connectors, we build safe and resilient bridges.
  • Airports: Our team develops modern airports, enhancing connectivity and travel experiences